Monday, May 24, 2010

God is a circle whose center is everywhere and whose circumference is nowhere. ---

Breanna took a seat on her wagon’s step. “I do not live in here; nor is this me,” thumping her chest. “That's far too small a box! My dwelling is a wider realm no box can hold. Where 'I' and 'mine' are left outside the door."

"Show me the way to it," I said.

"You are too full of thoughts."

"Empty me of them!"

"Well then . . . There is a game that you may play to bring you into Now. A dance of Earth with Sun, to let them meet and dance in you. Shall I show you how it's done, that game with energies I play?”

“Yes please.”

“Imagine there’s a tiny box in which you are enclosed: The realm of Time, where past or future’s verbal chains can keep you from the Now.

"Thought rules the box to keep you small. Shall you escape? The Sun and Earth will serve as your allies!

Here is a meditation to try out.

Eyes closed. Simply be aware of what is happening. Sounds. Sensations. You are the witness of it all.

And of course you notice thoughts, clamoring to be attended to. The thoughts are spoiled, used to your attention when they wish. Simply witness them, with all the rest. They are denizens of the box of self, so shrill. Do not talk back to them.

On the other side of the thoughts is the freedom that you seek. Not easily done, you say? It's time to play our game.

The weather of thought can be cleared away with a dance of energies --- as the Earth and Sun meet to dance in you.

Variation #1:
Close your eyes and imagine a large globe of energy surrounding you. How big doesn't matter. As you inhale the energy in the globe comes into your body, toward your spine, like squeezing your fist. As you exhale it is released, flooding out to the edges of the globe.

Repeat a few times. Play with it; there's no fixed rules.

Does your sense of being feel enlarged? Has the thinking stopped? You are connected with Source. Stay with it for a while.

Variation #2:
Imagine the globe around you again. As you inhale, energy from the middle of the Earth arrives in your sphere. So does energy from the Sun.

As you exhale their energies combine and flood the whole globe, your body and the surrounding area.

With each in-breath the Sun and Earth are filling you.

Each out-breath the energies meet and disperse with a burst-and-flood, for the body to receive.

You may ‘see’ it with some inner eye or you may not. Only know that it is happening.
Direct its course to wherever you decide. Like fire and powder they explode. So cleansing as they do.

Experiment with where they meet in you. Let it become more subtle as you go on.

A short while of it and you realize: No thought can interfere with this quiet storm, unless by stern intention you shall call thought in.

You are the meeting-place of Earth and Sky! They have need of you, to be the place where they may dance.

With their help you’ve found the moment’s source: Presence, in its purity. The light has come to live in you, and darkness fled, that let thought burrow in.

Only consciousness — "What’s Happening Now" on its wide wings.

This is the game’s result, for which we play: The little box of Time turns inside-out, spewing its content toward the Infinite! Only now, and now, and now — with no stories in the head of what may be and what once was. All that is fled, of no more worth that last week’s dream.

The Infinite is Now, the other side of time. In this silence healing happens. Stay here, though the Judge condemn and syllables flood out to call you back. Outside the sphere of presence they must remain with their false clamoring — unless you let them in again.

The self you knew before was but a seed of your infinite self. And it has sprouted now.

Those sounds you hear --- the bird, the wind, the car, the voice --- are now inside of you --- that larger body you now have.


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